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Finance guide speaking to client.


At Tait’s Tax Service we offer only the most efficient and effective ways in filing your returns. Whether it be business or personal we will make sure we get your returns filed in a timely manner and update you on the progress. We take pride in being a black owned business providing a service for the community and giving back. We work diligently at getting the most out of your returns and keep our clients satisfied with the service provided.



Tait’s Tax Service Inc. plans to prepare taxes in a timely and professional manner in compliance with the current tax laws. We intend to analyze every aspect of our client’s paperwork and give them the best return possible. We strive to grow with our honesty, integrity and due diligence to further service our clientele.


We plan to offer financial and accounting services to all no matter monetary or demographic status. To analyze with effectiveness and professionalism; Our vision is to be the Disney of financial and accounting services.

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